Essay On Shakespeare's View Of Hamlet

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In shakespeare’s famous play Hamlet, There many problems faced in the house of Hamlets. Hamlet, who is the main character, faces his father’s and seeks revenge on the murderer, King Claudius. In order to complete his task, Hamlet goes through a series of complications in order to resolve this dispute, which requires him to die as well. To receive a different outcome, the play should be placed in a different time period. If the play was to be set at a different time period, it would be during the Roman Era. The reason why I chose this time period is because I wanted to bring something to the table. In the conversion of the 1600’s to the Roman Era, the way Shakespeare’s play Hamlet would be portrayed differently is through the way how society…show more content…
As the play being placed in a new time period, The author’s view is changed because of how Hamlet is being interpreted and seen as. The way shakespeare’s view will interpret Hamlet is perhaps the most hated character because of his emotions and actions he sends and receives. In the book, Hamlet goes through depression, angers many people, and kills Laertes, resulting in the revenge of Hamlet. Shakespeare’s view in the play overall will be supportive to the side characters because they will have to deal with Hamlet 's antics and responses. The audience that will read this new version will be readers who are interested in the history of Rome, historians, and historical fiction. The group that will be affected are people of all age and gender. Readers can gain new knowledge of this play and its historical facts through its integration of facts of Rome and how it is as a whole. For example, In the beginning of the play in Hamlet, The time was set at 1600’s and when Norway and Denmark had conflicts between each other. By doing this, the readers can learn something and not getting bored to death as well as keeping the reader
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