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Shape and sound symbolism influences everyone. Sometimes shapes and sounds can affect a person in a positive way or a negative way. Through marketing, it helps the product sales increase. Marketers use shapes and sounds symbolism through their brands and logos. Shape and sounds are used to help people understand language, and how certain words affect people’s emotions. An array of sounds and shapes are also used to help categorize specific objects. By using shapes and sounds marketers of more likely to succeed, and people are more likely to learn. Sounds and shapes are important for the marketing industry. “the results suggest that sound and shape symbolism can be important tools for marketers wishing to develop meaningful and creative brand elements – even when their target market is children” (Baxter, Ilicic, Kulczynski, & Lowrey 2015). In order to capture people’s attention, marketers use logo with various shapes and words. Marketers use angular shapes on packages to sell carbonated, sour, crunchy, or crispy products but when they sell smooth, sweet, or creamy products, they use rounded shapes. When marketers needs to sell specific products, they associate their shape with their product.…show more content…
“We propose that the presentation of two symbolic cues (that is, brand name and brand logo) boost phonetic symbolism effects for younger children. Older children, however, are able to infer meaning from a single cue (that is, either the brand’s name or logo), with phonetic symbolism effects not further enhanced by the introduction of a second cue (ceiling effect)” (Baxter 2015). When you are a child, you tend to need both the shape and sound to catch their attention, but someone older would need either the shape or sound. Toys-R-Us uses bubble letters to capture children’s attention, and they also use bright vibrant colors to intrigue young children. Apple products uses the apple shape to capture their

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