Essay On Shays Rebellion

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Settlers in the 18th century American frontier would at times resort to violent protests to express their political and social distress as a result, political, social, and economic reform followed. America had varying political and social opinions in relation to individual groups and peoples within society. The individuals and groups, at times, would have differing opinions than what was legislated or believed overall as a country. The dissent of opinions and ideas lead to acts of aggression against established laws and ordinance. The March of the Paxton Boys took place due to the grievances of political policy regarding Native Americans. The French and Indian War and Pontiac’s rebellion contributed to the Scots-Irish violence against local…show more content…
The division is a direct result of social stigma and differentiating economical welfare. Poor whites and haughty wealthy aristocratic planters had to be eventually separated from the instragiance of both sides on a political, social, and economic degree. Therefore, the social aspects of the North Carolina colony caused extreme political bias and favouritism amounting to a physical split. Social differences, when referencing poor landowning whites and economically dominant aristocrats, directly invoked political shortcomings and economical division did was in no way inferior to the cause also. Shay’s Rebellion constituted of a hostile uprising within the Massachusetts colony during 1786 and 1787. The revolution itself was lead by a honored war captain, Daniel Shay, which explains the derivative of the rebellions name. Four thousand armed men would compose the rebellion against economical and civil right injustices. Social issues were the most injurious in Massachusetts with economic depression, bad harvests, and high taxes. Social stigma was the main charge for the rebellion itself since New Hampshire and South Carolina also joined in the revolt. The myriad of men also evidences the evident
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