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School Shooting safety policies
The Florida school shooting was a horrific tragedy that recently occurred, and it has forced us to look at the current safety precautions that schools have in place. This incident has brought up the question of how do we protect our children and teachers. Therefore, I have created a couple policies to implement to try and help reach our goal of minimal school violence. First off, we should improve our schools security to help ensure the safety of our children and their educators (Governance and Policy Resources). Secondly, I believe that schools should hold annual active school shooter drill to prepare students for a violent situation, such as a school shooter. "Illinois law requires all public school districts
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Although this tragedy occurred in Florida, there where many more of us that were affected as well. This shooting opened the public's eyes to the current safety policies in place regarding school shootings. I believe that we should enhance campus security, by placing , metal detectors, and security personnel. When metal detectors are placed, it could detect if there is anything inappropriate in their possession. The California school board association says "Metal detectors are a tool to detect and prevent weapons being brought to school" (Governance and Policy Resources). Another safety precaution that can be implemented is, to add more security personnel. The California School Board believes by doing so, it could decrease crisis on campus. "Some districts have developed partnerships with law enforcement in which deputy sheriffs or police officers are assigned to school campuses. This strategy gives law enforcement higher visibility and the ability to respond immediately to a crisis on the campus. It also provides opportunities for positive, non-confrontational contact between students and law enforcement." (Governance and Policy Resources). These are two things that we could implement to lower the violence in our surrounding

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