Essay On Shoplifting

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Shoplifting is one of the crime that has been existing in our society today. It is considered as a significant problem adversely affecting both the establishment or store and consumers. It is because of a high financial loss, some people tend to commit shoplifting to support their needs. This kind of crime does not only exist in our place but also in other country. (Farrington, 1993). The FBI defines “shoplifting as a part of larceny. Basically, all shoplifter are either amateurs or professionals. Amateurs may be kleptomaniac, housewives, vagrants, or juveniles. Professionals generally steal for a living and are most commonly interested in small, highly valued items for which they can find an easy resale market” ( Davis, 1983 ). The National…show more content…
It is also an act that has the intent of depriving the owner of the item and taking it away from a store and making it appear as one of its property. Normally, items or places that are conducive to the shoplifters are those places that are not reachable by the security of place, and those items that are easy to conceal.

Situational crime prevention is a technique which focuses offending criminal acts. There is certain issue of shoplifting that has been studied by David P. Farrington et al (1990-1991) in ten different stores. Thus, they found out that the average value of the stolen goods in one week was almost exactly £300 per store, or £50 per day, to convert it into Philippine money, the equivalent will be twenty thousand and beyond. In this scenario we cannot conclude that shoplifting is not a serious crime but it has something to do in our society. In the technique that has been introduced by Ronald V. Clarke, shoplifting can be prevented through the
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