Essay On Shopping Smart System

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A Smart System for Shopping mart using Arduino

Saba Shaikh1 , Isak Sayyad2 , Namrata Ahirrao3 , Vardan Hingmire4
Department of Information Technology
Sandip Institute of Technology and Research Centre, Mahiravani, Trimbak Road, Nashik-422213, Maharashtra

Abstract- . We can see huge rush at shopping malls on holidays and on special discount days. Citizen buy different item, keep in trolleys and proceed to billing counter for paying the total amount. At the billing counter, using bar codes of each item, cashier prepares the bill. 30percent citizens buy groceries on a predetermined budget. Many a times, only at the end of purchase, buyers come to know that the overall purchase total is greater than their budget. Then they spend much time
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To save time, many have started to buy online, where user’s satisfactions is not up to the mark because there are issues like delay, defects and damages in products and harsh returning policies. Hypermarkets have a great range of goods and people spend much time in finding the details of the product, approximation of bill, calculating the amount of total products and paying the bill by standing in queues where they are spending a valuable amount of time. These issues are overcome by the smart way of using proposed system. Shopping mall trolleys are enabled with a gadget consisting of Arduino board which can recognize the products by communicating with the storage racks which consist of an Arduino board. This Arduino board is programmed with the details of the products in the rack. The communication is established using a wireless mechanism where the trolley and rack are connected using wireless connection. The customer can pay bill directly at the counter. Billing time is reduced. At the end of the shopping process the bill is retrieved by generating an interrupt. The total cost of the products in the trolleys are displayed on trolley device. Thus proposed approach provides an enhanced experience of shopping to the customers at reduced cost and time with efficient
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