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There is no set way to write out your short term career goals. However following a certain type of method can make it easier and more efficient when it comes to executing those. I have come up with two different ways to write out and execute your short term career goals, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each. Future-to-Present method The method: This method of setting career goals involves one possessing a complete idea of what they want their career to look like. These types of people know exactly what they want to be and walk backwards from a future idea towards the present when they are planning on attaining this dream. For example, I desire to be the chief executive of a consultation firm. That is the end long term career…show more content…
Most careers are not so straight forward and therefore this method may prove challenging if your career goal involves many complex steps. Advantages of using this method: This method ensures that every step to achieving your goal is covered leaving you with a nice structured plan of short term career goals. Present-to-Future method The method: This method involves looking at your current position and working from there. So if I am an office assistant and I’m not sure of my future career, I will start setting short term career goals from where I am. Career goals to do with my current position, for example, bringing up your quota (any kind of quota) number. Or taking the time out to discover where you flourish most. Advantages of using this method: This method can be very effective for people who do not know what they want their career to look like. Using this method has the effect of keeping you proactive and allows you to see what areas you’re naturally more endowed than others. Disadvantages of using this method: There is a danger with this method of constantly going in circles, especially when these steps that you are taking are not making your current position any

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