Essay On Should Cellphones Be Allowed In The Classroom

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If Cellphones Help Students Learn, Why Don’t We Use Them in the Classroom? Schools are always trying to find new ways to teach students and help them learn, yet one of the greatest learning oppurities and educational tools is sitting right on our door step and few are taking notice of it. In the past, cellphones have been banned from the classroom and are said to be a “distraction”, but many people also think that cellphones should be allowed in the classroom to enhance student learning. Although cellphones can be a distraction for some students, cell phones should be allowed in classrooms, because cellphones can be used to help students with project research, they can take photos of classroom resources to save on paper waste or having to…show more content…
“Not every classroom can get a laptop every day, so [devices like smartphones], even if you have to pair up, become something useful for teachers,” Ken Halla said. Ken was a teacher for 22 year, and in the last five years he has made his classroom “mobile device-friendly” and has seen student productivity increase. Some students may chose to use this time to goof-off on there phones, but pencils, erasers, and Chromebooks can be just as much of a distraction as a cellphone when students choose to use them in that way. Being off-task with class work is a matter of student immaturity and poor choice. If we banned everything that was a distraction to students in the class, there would be no class, because everything from pencils and paper to textbooks and Chromebooks can become a major distraction if used in that way. When there are strict rules and known norms for cellphones in place, students will know what is expected, and they will realize that their bad choices have consequences. So it stands to reason that cell phones have become more convenient and useful to the classroom learning environment, because now according to, 95% of Americas have a cell phone/
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