Essay On Should College Athletes Be Paid

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Being a college athlete is more than just playing the game. It's maintaining your grades, keeping a smart head on your shoulders, and playing at a level high enough where the school will not take your scholarship away. Athletes are required to practice 20 hours a week, or 4 hours a day. These athletes are also students who have to maintain grades just like every other regular student. With all these time restraints, it is difficult for athletes to earn money to live. While many argue that college athletes should not be paid, I argue that they should be to maintain the legitimacy of college athletics. For when a service is given, it must be paid for.
I believe it is unfair for college athletes to be given no money for the service they provide to their respectable school. A study done by Orlando Sentinel says
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NCAA reports that 55% of athletes complete their degree, as the other 45% try and earn a wage professionally. Paying the athletes will make them want to stay and enjoy college, as well as finish their degree to set them up for the future. If I was the Headmaster of a school, I would make sure my athletes were set for the future if athletics do not work out. I would make sure they get a degree they could finish and set them for life, not send them out unsure of their futures and relying only on their athletic ability to keep them afloat.
While it seems like athletes should not be paid, the reality is that compensation of college athletes is needed to keep the game even and fair. As well as encourage them to finish their degree and not leave early for professional sports. Many athletes are being paid anyway, which makes it unfair for the schools that are truly playing by the rules. The NCAA is unfairly treating these athletes, receiving money, and not giving any to the athlete that made the money
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