Essay On Should College Athletes Get Paid

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rough draft. “10.8 billion to be exact- between the NCAA and CBS/turner sports for march madness between 2011 and 2024 were talking 11 billion for 3 weekends of television a year.” Right now athletes aren 't allowed to get paid. They also go to college to learn not to get paid. Athletes get people to come to their games and support them. It makes the college money when they get people to come out and support them. College athletes should get paid because of the work they put in. The first reason why college athletes should get paid is because they aren 't just average athletes. “Since athletes historically have been considered students rather than employees, they have not been covered by general labor laws.” They should also get paid because “not everything is equal, not everything is fair.” “so i don 't want to hear that it 's unfair to pay the quarterback of alabama more than the sociology students in the undergraduate college.” Athletes do a lot more than people realize being a student athlete really is not as easy as it sounds. The…show more content…
The third reason why college athletes should get paid is because they make a ton of money for the college because if they perform on the court they will get more people to attend their games which makes the school more money. “Football programs generate so much money for the university.” “Alumni are so much more generous during years when sports teams win.” These quotes just show that when the athletes perform on the field or court they really are generating more money for their college. Some people believe that college athletes should not get paid. College athletes go to college to learn not to get paid. “Using the inability to distribute the funds equally as an impediment is an excuse.” “Of the $174 million distributed from 5 bowl games, 83.4% went to six conferences.” These quotes show that there is really no excuse for not paying college athletes but that people just want to sit back and complain about how life is not
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