Essay On Should Intelligent Design Be Taught In Public Schools

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There is a theory that the Earth was once covered entirely in water. In the water there were tiny organisms that slowly begin the evolve over millions of years and become the animals that roam the Earth today. This theory is know as evolution, and some scientists believe that it is the way humans came to be. The other theory of how humans originated is called intelligent design. Intelligent Design is the theory that humans were put on the Earth by a higher power. There are many arguments about which one should be taught in public schools. Each side has outstanding arguments on why their theory should be taught. Which is why the best solution is the teach both theories in public schools. Both evolution and intelligent design should be taught…show more content…
Teachers, School boards, and Parents all argue about whether or not Creationism should be taught in schools because it’s “not scientific” and shouldn’t be allowed. However, in the 1st Amendment it states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…” Therefore prohibiting the freedom of speech, press, or religion is illegal. Which also means that not allowing the teaching of Intelligent Design in public schools is prohibited. On the other hand, most supporters of Creationism say that evolution shouldn’t be taught. The argument is that evolution goes against intelligent design making the theory of evolution very hard to teach in a public setting. In the famous book “Inherit the Wind” Bertram Cates teaches evolution in his high school biology class and the whole town treats him like a criminal for going again the Bible, Christianity, and creationism, they even go as far as asking God to send him to Hell. In some aspects, Evolution is thought of as a religion as well, again, making it illegal to prohibit it from being taught. So representing both sides would benefit the public greatly because it would be unconstitutional to do
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