Essay On Should Scientists Be Responsible For Scientists

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1. Should scientists be held morally responsible for the applications of their discoveries? To what extent would it be true to say that technological advances drive changes in values and morality? A. Personally I believe that scientists should be held morally responsible for the applications of their discoveries. My belief is based on a simple logic that if we are giving credit to scientists for their important and beneficial discoveries then on the other side of the coin, they should even be held responsible for the destruction that their discoveries cause to the world. For the major beneficial discoveries this scientists are showered with Nobel prizes and rewards. For example Jonas Salk for discovery of polio vaccine, Isaac Newton for the…show more content…
So I do believe that scientists have a particular duty to accept responsibility for what they do in their professional career during life time. Now what is science? It is an intellectual activity and study of physical and natural world through observation and experiment. So this scientist aren’t doing anything wrong, they can study and discover things but as we know they are also human beings like anyone else, with the same ability to accept or evade responsibility for their actions. Scientists are like doctors, they have a special power and authority. They should have courage in them to accept their mistakes. They should be able to foresee effects of their discoveries and control events. There are many scientists who did discover things based on good intentions and their discoveries were use for the destruction but they were never held responsible for it. Some of the examples of such scientists are as follows:- In 1933 Ernest Rutherford, who first split an atom, told the public that the idea of atomic power was ‘moonshine’ and that fission and fusion of atomic particles would solve
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