Should Students Get Paid For Good Grades Essay

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Should Students Be Paid for Good Grades?

If people, who work and have jobs, are getting paid, then why should not the student in school get paid too for getting good grades? Most of the schools have awards for the students who get good grades, but tell me what is it? Here is the answer, only a certificate or a medal. Obviously, that is not enough, therefore students will not have the motivation any more to get good grades the next year, because they want something more. I think students should get paid for good grades for several reasons, for example it will motivate the students to work hard, teach the students responsibility, and it will make the teacher’s job easier.

Some students around the world are asking this question, “should students be paid for good grades”. Some students say yes we should, because students are working hard to get good grades, so they deserve a proper gift. Imagine the situation if the school pays the student who gets good marks. All students that are getting good grade, will try to keep their level the same, even the students who get bad marks, are trying their
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But how much will you pay for your son or daughter to be good person. So you should treat us as you want other school to treat your son. As wise man said in the past “treat others as you treat yourself”. However, students should have something interesting in their life to study for, because studying is so boring. You work in school and you work in a job, you get paid in job, while you do not get paid in a school. So what is the deference? From my opinion, I think that offering money on the students in order to perform well in school will encourage the students to try harder in school. There are a lot of students who just don't care enough to make an effort, and offering money in return for success would give those students a reason to pay attention and to make their
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