Guns Should Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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Imagine being in a class room for 8 hours a day surrounded by fellow students and a firearm knowing it could go off or open fire at any possible moment. not the most conferrable feeling to have to for 180 days, Maybe you remember your little sibling getting hold of something they weren’t supposed to or maybe where your parents hid Christmas gifts. Kids find almost everything what goes to say they won’t be able to find a firearm inside of a classroom surrounded be innocent loved ones, this is all the more reason why teachers shouldn’t be allowed to carry firearms. If we allow teachers to carry guns to school that’s not the most conferrable feeling for students in the classroom. According to Ken Corbett “the presence of guns has the capacity…show more content…
Others may say that the teachers could help prevent a school shooting if given the proper training. The truth is no matter how much the teachers are trained they wouldn’t be able to prevent a school shooting they would freeze over the rush of adrenaline and fear. According to a former veteran Matt Martin “Luckily or so I thought at the time, a medic was already there to start administrating aid. There was only one problem, the medic froze who had spent at least the last year of his life training for this exact moment, could not move.” If we hand out guns to teachers no matter the amount of training or safety measures taken kids are still going to get a hold of them and tragedy is still going to strike if we don’t get rid of them from schools. We can save innocent lives and keep schools even safer if we make sure teachers remained unarmed. What sense does it make to try and make an attempt at lowering gun violence in schools we hand out guns to teachers? This is why teachers shouldn’t be allowed to carry
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