Essay On Should The Driving Age Be Raised To 21

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Driving Age: should it be raised to 21? There has been much discussion about should the diving age be raised to 21 or not. This issue has been a problem for years. It’s not that if you are 18 you have to drive, you should be aware that you might kill people with driving. Driving at high speed will also put you in danger. You also you need to be responsible for yourself and your car. If you get a flat tire no one is going to help you fix it, you need to know how to do it yourself. Driving age should not be raised to 21 because it make the person responsible for himself and have a better experience in life. A major reason why the driving age should not be raised is that teenagers have to be responsible for themselves. Teenagers have responsibility to deal with matters like going to school or having a job, because their parents will not be free all the time to take them where ever they need to go. Teenagers also need to have some fun like going out with their friends, go to cinema or to coffee shops as…show more content…
It may be true that driving age should be raised because teenagers will be more responsible and aware. However, people should realize that it is not the age that says this person is responsible or not it is about how much experience he got. Teenagers become adults when they get their license they can go to work, to university and even help their family, all of these things are evidence that they have the sense of responsibility to deal with every thing around them. Even though, some teenagers when they reach the age of 18 they move to a new house, this obviously shows that they have responsibility to pay the rent, go to work and also study. All of this put a lot of pressure on them, but still they have over control their life and
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