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On Show Choir When people hear the words “show choir” their minds may automatically think of the TV show “Glee”, but that isn’t exactly a great representation of what we do. Many people are ignorant about what show choir is because they haven’t had experience with it or no one has told them. I don’t blame them because I know how confusing it can be but I’ve learned through my own experiences in show choir and through my sister’s experiences. It has taken me a lot of time to fully understand what we do but I want other people to know just what it is as well. What is it? Show choir is combining singing with dancing. It is very different from a normal concert choir. Judges are not only concerned about tone quality and vowel shape, but also about the choreography, facials, and stylistic elements. A show choir only works on one set of about five songs to use and compete with during competition season expanding from…show more content…
I got to know people I probably would have never talked to because of it. I even became friends with some of my sister’s friends that are upperclassmen. I wouldn 't have even known who they were or had classes with most of them without us being in show choir. Lots of people may say choir kids are weird and they aren’t very wrong. That’s why it’s important. I can really be myself around almost everyone in my choir because we all hang out so much and get to know things about each other we probably don’t really need to know. We are all just there to do what we love and have a good time doing it, which I love. In conclusion, show choir may be a lot different from what people think and I hope that everyone can see why “Glee” is not a great representation of it. My experiences have showed me that people have the wrong idea about show choir just because no one has actually ever told them. I’ve had multiple bad experiences in show choir but the good ones outweigh them
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