Tattoo Influence On Family Identity

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Eloquent Sibling Tattoos: Show The World Your Special Connection

Brothers and sisters share a unique bond and if you are lucky enough to have a brother or a sister or many of each then you will understand exactly what we mean. Your siblings may have driven you insane when you were young but as you get older you realize just how important they really are to you.
Matching tattoos are no longer only for best friends and couples –more and more brothers and sisters are opting to have sibling tattoos as a symbol of their special bond and their devotion to each other.
The reality is that it is only as you grow up that you realize how important family is. Sometimes it takes a sad event like the loss of a loved one for you to understand just how
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It’s a sign of your commitment to each other and the special place that you occupy in each other’s hearts.
Protection: Brothers and sisters always look out for each other and love each other unconditionally. A tattoo, especially one with special words or a quote can be interpreted as a sign of protection.
Family Values: Not all families are as close as yours. Having a family that is close means better support which is important for success. Families that stick together should be proud of that and what better way to show this than by getting a tattoo that reminds you of your families values?
Legacy / Heritage: You should be proud of your family and your heritage – a tattoo be used not only to show your love for each other but also for your families legacy.

Designs For You And Your Siblings To Consider

A sibling tattoo could be any subject – complex or simple – that you feel links you together. Some designs it may be obvious to others and others a little more cryptic – here are just a few of the possible design options for your
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Each one of you will have one-half of the butterfly on the side of your foot or hand. That way only the two of you can bring it together i.e. you are two parts of one whole.
Family crest – If your family has a family crest or even a motto, then you could consider this design as a matching tattoo with your brother or sister. This ties you together and represents your pride in each other and your family name.

Best Placement For Matching Tattoos

Most of these tattoos are small to medium designs and can be used on any area of the body. Try and find an area that you both agree on so that you can have matching tattoo placement as well. Common placements for this type of tattoo include the feet, ankles, forearm, wrists, and shoulders.

In Short…
Your siblings are your best friends – they know you best and they are the ones who are the most likely to stick by you through thick and thin. If you love your brothers and sisters then why not ask them about getting a sibling tattoo as a sign of your love for each other and to show the world that you’ve got each other’s backs? You could choose from any of the designs we discussed or get something that only the two (or three or four…) of you will understand – have

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