Why Do Underpasses Persuasive Essay

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What if there were no sidewalks in your community, and people had to go everywhere by car? What if parents had to drive their kids to school, even though they only lived half a mile from the school? What if kids could not go anywhere to play with their friends because there were no sidewalk or underpasses? This happens to lots of people in Loudoun County. they have no sidewalks in their neighborhood or underpasses under busy roads. Making more sidewalks and underpasses is a fantastic way to help people get to places faster, make more paths for bikers and runners, and help kids get to school safer and faster. Many people have trouble getting places because sidewalks and underpasses do not reach the places they need to go. A friend of mine that lives in the Broadlands has trouble getting to the store down the street from his house because there are not any…show more content…
My parents were driving me to practice on a Monday in November at seven o'clock. As we were on the road driving, a group of bikers came up beside us out of nowhere. My mom did not see them at first and almost slammed in to the bikers. The bikers had no sidewalks to ride on, so they were forced into the street with all the cars which can go faster than them. Another time, one of my friends, Jacob, was training for the upcoming soccer season and had to run two miles a day. He started his first run and a mile in he ran into a problem. There were not any more sidewalks ahead. After thinking about it, he started to run in the street so he could finish his loop back to his house. Then out of nowhere, a car came rocketing down the narrow street right beside him. He jumped out-of-the-way just as the car zoomed beside him. Jacob called his mom to come pick him up so he did not have to go back into the street to go home. In order to help bikers and runners be more safe, sidewalks would help fix this
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