Essay On Simon In Lord Of The Flies

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Crawling through the undergrowth on an unknown island with nowhere to go and nowhere to hide. As the sun swims across the sky turning day into night, strange noises come to life. This is the everyday setting in the novel Lord of The Flies by William Golding. In the novel, a group of English boys crash onto a mysterious island. Unfortunately, the plane crash left no trace of adults, therefore, leaving the young boys stranded on the island alone with no adult supervision (Golding pp. 8-9). Throughout the novel certain characters resembled different stereotypes and figures. The character by the name of Simon is what Golding calls a biggun, which means he is one of the older boys in the group. Simon is a loner on this island as the other boys become more and more uncivilized day by day. However, because Simon keeps to himself, he has characteristics that no other boys on the island can acquire. He is an apparent Christ-like figure in the novel Lord of the Flies because he is compassionate, perceptive and ridiculed by others. The first…show more content…
For example, in chapter five, Simon speaks up on the issue of the beast agreeing with Piggy and claiming, “Maybe he mean’s it’s some sort of ghost. (Golding p. 89)” When Simon tries to voice his views on the beast the other boys laugh and make fun of him. Humiliated, Simon shrank back into his seat (p. 89). Like Christ, Simon was made fun of because of his beliefs. Simon being ridiculed shows the situations Christ went through day by day. As, Simon repeatedly tries to speak his mind throughout the novel, his ideas were always turned down or completely ignored. In addition, he also has his own hide out or what could be called a sanctuary in the jungle. He keeps this a secret and goes to it alone at night. This shows his isolation not only physically but mentally from the others boys. He walks alone on the island and because of this he is like Christ who walks
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