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Simulacrum seems to invisibly consume our everyday lives, but we do not understand it well enough to notice or question it. This essay will try to elaborate on what simulacrum is. The orders of simulacrum will be broken down and an example will be used to help explain simulacrum. However there is another element to understanding simulacrum, which is how we understand the concept of the “real”. We must understand that there is a lack of “real” in our world, to fully grasp how simulacrum indeed does take over or lives by changing our idea of reality. Baudrillard describes simulacrum as having four different stages (1981:2). Each stage or order of simulacra successively becomes more difficult to distinguish from reality. Interestingly these same…show more content…
The image precedes what it is representing by replacing it (Baudrillard 1981:1). Second order simulacrum seems to replace the need for a reality with representation of reality. Harts (2004:55) theory of reality states that because there are multiple realities, there is no need for a reality at all. Baudrillard (1981:1) continues to explain this as hyper-reality. We live through the images we see of reality instead of reality…show more content…
As anime only appeals to a select few, other people will see the simulacrum of anime cosplay as the one that is obviously fake, hence proving that the non-anime world is the real one. Hart (2004:54) explains this as how we only exist in comparison to what we are not, that the fake is there to prove our “realness”. In accordance to Hart’s theory of multiple realities, an anime fan could be extreme and argue that the anime world is the real and the reality we live in now is what is fake. Simulacrum deters us from what most people consider to be traditional reality because many realities exist

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