Sin Taxes Save Lives Analysis

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In the Baltimore Sun editorial, an anonymous author writes about the positive effects of sin taxes in an article entitled “Sin Taxes Save Lives by Changing Unhealthy Behaviors.” The author presents the case that sin taxes benefit society because they change consumer behavior and promote a healthier, more active lifestyle. The writer states, “Americans are consuming too many sugary drinks that contribute to rising obesity and diabetes rates. The latest weapon in the public health arsenal to combat the problem—taxing them—deserves more serious consideration.” The author of the article continues explaining how consumers will lead healthier lifestyles by expanding on two main points that attest to the improvement of society. The author’s first reason for supporting sin taxes is because the increased price for products changes consumer behavior. The author expands on his point by stating, “It’s not just a matter of revenue for cash-strapped local governments but an effort to fundamentally change consumer behavior.” By placing a higher tax on products deemed unhealthy, the public has a smaller opportunity to purchase these goods. In order to illustrate his point, the author explains that over the past decade, the number of cigarettes sold to teenagers has declined significantly because of educational programs and the…show more content…
For instance, Eric Garner was selling untaxed cigarettes illegally in the state of New York in order to avoid forcing others to pay the ridiculous sin tax. The officers were trying to apprehend him because of his illegal selling of these items. Ultimately, Eric Garner was choked and suffocated by a police officer. I believe that if sin taxes had not been involved in the high price of the cigarettes that the death of Eric Garner would not have occurred. These sin taxes do indeed change consumer behavior; however, I am not certain that they change America’s behavior for the

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