Sinan Architecture

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Sinan was one of the famous architects of Turkish Empire. He was serving Suleiman III, he was considered as magnificent architecture of magnificent ruler. His name was Mimar Sinan. He was known for constructing 300 grand constructions whereas he was also involved in medium constructions like schools besides the 300 marvelous buildings. He has also helped the Mughal Empire in building architects. Mughal Empire is also known for their construction landmarks, taj mahal was also made by assistance of Sinan.
He was not merely an architect but he was a military man as well and working as civil engineer in military. He gradually ranked higher and gain title of aga. He combined his engineering and architectural skills and became prominent architectural.
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Inner and outer spaces are quite in harmony. The Islamic religion art has moved from Ottoman Empire to other regions of the world. The building are simple hence decorative and act are present in them. The vocabulary of this style was also introduced by Sinan as domes, semi domes columns and vaults are all those techniques which are brought in light through here. Aesthetic balance is never ignored with technical balance (Pringle, 2014).
The concept of paradise garden was also advanced from here. The waterfall in the buildings was the deals of great Sinan. Because holy Quran states the rivers of wine thus the paradise garden in mosques and buildings were made according to those statements of Quran. This has added much value to buildings. Nature has become part of each technical design that Sinan designed. Hand crafted ornaments, kaftans and much more were added to increase the decoration aspect.
Chronological style in Europe and Islamic
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Christian churches also try to add as much beauty as possible however there is lack of natural beauty and more paintings are added which is not an element of Islamic buildings however domes are similar in religious buildings in Europe. Domes building themselves are cultural symbol. In earlier times the western architecture made a distinction between western and non western arts but later due to dome structures they have to eliminate this difference on their own. This tradition was not only passed to Europe but to Iran, Asia and roman, and byzantine. Italy and Azerbaijan architectural are also very similar to sinan designs. There are many Christian building in Syrians which still survive and these had dome structure whereas Muslim shrines worldwide have this similar structure.
Sinan has played a great role in modernization of architectural history. Though there are many types of architectural designs present but he played with the dome styles which were first experiments in 12th century but the limited abilities and knowledge could not forward the design in those times. Sinan courage to experiment with this design as he was an able military man and has knowledge of engineering. His masterpieces are still attraction spots of tourists and European regions are also having great influence of his
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