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Singapore and China have very different systems of government and yet they are similar in some aspects. Singapore is a democratic republic with a parliamentary system of Government based on the Westminster Model, whereby the Constitution of The Republic of Singapore provides for an elected President as the head of state, the Prime Minister of Singapore is the head of government, and of a multi-party system. Executive power is exercised by the cabinet from the parliament and to a smaller extent by the President. The Cabinet has control and general direction over the Government and is accountable to Parliament. Singapore has only one level of government being a city-state. The three separate branches of the Singapore government include the Legislature,…show more content…
They are held every five and six years respectively and the general elections have to be held within three months of dissolution of the Parliament. Under the Singapore constitution, the eligibility for a person to run for President includes an age of at least 45 years old with at least three years of experience in holding a position of responsibility or seniority in office in the private or public sphere. To be eligible to run for Parliament, one must be a Citizen of Singapore, living in Singapore, and over the age of 21. However, in China, elections are based on a hierarchical electoral system whereby the local People’s Congresses are directly elected. Citizens 18 and older vote for village and local people’s congresses; those congresses in turn elect the representatives to provincial people’s congresses; all higher levels of People's Congresses up to the National People's Congress, the national legislature, are indirectly elected by the People's Congress of a lower rank. From this, we can infer that in Singapore, anyone who meets the stated criteria is allowed to run for leadership positions regardless of the area and social class they come from. On the other hand, leaders in China usually come from a small group, such as the top military officials, or from aristocratic

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