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The main objective is to how improve the country arrivals and what additional things to make the precincts more attractive to visitors. Firstly, I will find out the geographic data of both Singapore and Malacca and the core tourism products of Chinatown Heritage Centre, Chinatown and Baba & Nynonya Heritage Museum, Malacca. I will also do a comparison of the receipts for 2013 and 2014 to find out whether it has increase or decrease. What are the motivation that makes the tourist from Indonesia visit Singapore and tourist from Singapore visits Malacca and what are some of the factors that influence their purchase behaviour. What kind of quality travel experience that they look for in a precinct. Next is how the individual country’s Destination…show more content…
Chinatown also has other attractions Buddha Tooth Relic which has 300 Buddhists artifacts collected from around Asia (Mykura, n.d.). Furthermore, there is also an Indian temple, Sri Mariamman Temple, one of the oldest in Singapore. In the olden days, they worship the deity of disease and protection to keep them safe and healthy. Now, people go there is to admire the colourful structures of Hindu deity. There will also be a Thimithi Festival during the period of Deepavali by devotees (Mykuna,…show more content…
The exterior of Chinatown Heritage Centre gives an old feel by looking at the signboard. Upon entering Chinatown Heritage Centre, the colour of the centre is filled with warm colours and posters of people in Chinatown. There is a whole range of different type of goods to let the tourist bring back home. There is tour that visitors can take to know more about what happen in the olden days and how the rooms of different people from different occupations look like. For example, coolie worker and shoe vendor. The smell of the place will also give out an old wood

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