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Singapore was not considered as a tourist destination just a few years ago. Travelers from all over the continents regarded it as a dull and boring nation. But now their perception has totally changed. Singapore has developed itself into the most sought-after tourist destination of Southeast Asia. It has grown into a vibrant, modern, and liverly country with loads of leisure and adventure activities to offer. This city-state now has masterpieace architecture and lots of artificial wonders. There are underground malls, trendy bars lining up the waterways, charming colonial-era buildings, and friendly neighbourhoods. If you prefer beautiful beachers, amazing tropical parks, and varieties in food, Singapore is definetely a destination to visit. This Singapore travel guide will boost your vacation plans. Singapore visa information To visit Singapore, a passport with at least six-month validity from the date of departure is essential for all citizens. There is no visa required for Australian, British, Canadian, USA, and otther EU (European Union) citizens. Visitors from most Asian, Middle-East, Africa, Russia, and other countries have to obtain a visa to visit Singapore. For complete and current…show more content…
For it is not every day that we come to see wildlife in our routine life. And when you have the chance to visit one of the best zoos in Singapore, why to miss it. Everyone in the family, whether kids and aged will love to see something different. The Singapore Zoo is a huge place spread over 70 acres of land. It’s so huge that it is house to almost 3.600 of wildlife creatures. There are varieties of birds, mammals, and reptiles. The unique thing about this zoo is that it offers night safaris to visitors. This concept of zoo night safari is only in Singapore and no where in the world. You will love to see wildlife in the night by taking a tramp or just walking on the

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