Argumentative Essay On Single Mothers

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Being a friend to them is the best way to help single mothers, according to Jennifer Wolf of The Spruce. You can do this by giving your phone number to them so that they can call you when they need something, or when they just need somebody to talk to. Besides these, there are other ways of helping single moms, be they your co-workers, friends or neighbors. Volunteer to watch their kids, which is a huge gift especially for single mothers who don’t have their own families living near them. Invite their children to come over to your house to play with your kids, which is a good way to know single moms and their children. Have single moms come over to your house for coffee, and have them bring their children along with them. This will make it…show more content…
They can also be taught how to subscribe to a coupon site, so they can enjoy its benefits too. You can share your children’s hand-me-downs with single moms but do it with tact. Inquire discreetly if they are interested in some of the things you’ve set aside. Let them know the location of thrift stores or consignment shops in your area. Volunteer to take them there. Get a gas card the next time you buy gas, and share it with a single mom. She and many others like her are responsible for driving their children to visit their other parents. Leave a bag of groceries on her doorstep, and better do it anonymously. Sometimes this is what a struggling single mom needs to get through to the next paycheck. If you bring your children and the other children in your neighborhood to school or summer camp, offer to do the same for her children. You can offer to come together with her for a school meeting, especially if she is new in the neighborhood. You can update her on the extracurricular activities that your children patronize because it can be hard to get specific information about sports activities that her children would like to participate

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