Argumentative Essay On Single Parent Adoption

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Single parent adoption In today's society, one of the strongest controversy in the world today is over whether or not single parents should be allowed to adopt. Some believe it is socially acceptable for a single parent to adopt a child and that “single prospective adopters of both genders can have much to offer to an adopted child” (The Telegraph Tim Ross), others think that singles should not be able to adopt. In some eyes they see that a child needs two parents so a child can grow up having a mother and father figure to look up to, and by having two parents, one can fill in the other part when one is sick or tired or so on. When looking at this argument with the use of a logic point of view it is very clear that although singles can not…show more content…
It can be inferred that when a single parent takes on a child, they think of any given situation that life might throw their way and prepare and plan for the worst so the kid does not end up back in Foster Care. an article even states “What prospective single parents do need, however, is a lot of self-reflection. Because it’s hard to raise a child alone, prospective parents should take stock of several key issues, including finances, lifestyle and support. Ms. Hochman offers these questions to consider, especially for singles, before plunging into the adoption process” (Adoption and the single guy, Lisa Beach). This evidence shows that when adopting singles are questioned and checked to make sure they are fit to care for a child. Regardless if a single does not qualify for some part of the adoption i strongly believe that they should be able to adopt a child as long as they have steady income. To conclude, having a child in one's life can be great in so many ways it’s crazy, there are a lot of single lonely people out in the world and kids can be the solution. By having a kid in their life they create a bond and the adults are not so lonely anymore which helps both parties. Adopting is not an easy process, singles have to prepare and go through a lot to get the chance to raise a child, therefore

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