The Pros And Cons Of Single Parent Families

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Around half of all children born nowadays are expected to spend some time in a single parent family. Since before, people always have a perspective that children who growing up in single parent family are different compared to children who growing up with both a mother and a father. Being raised by only one parent seems unbearable to many people and up until now it has become more frequent. Single-parent families are much more common today (Parke, 2003). However, during these days, children who raised up from single parent families tend to become successful, emotionally stable and well manner. Even that, there are still arguments between the differences. There are different kind of speculations being conclude by people arguing about the children raised by single parent family or two parents’ family. According to, single parent means a parent or guardian who brings up a child or children…show more content…
Living with one parent instead of two can bring out different kind of emotions. These emotional states can be quite strong and they can be confusing too. Children might feel terribly sad and angry because they do not have complete parents but they also might feel happy that their parents split up and are not fighting anymore because living with parents who always fighting can sometimes be stressful. Grown children continue to see their parents’ divorce very differently than do the parents. 10 percent of children felt positively about their parents’ divorce, but 80 percent of the divorced mothers and 50 percent of the divorced fathers judged the divorce good for them (Wallerstein, 2004). For example, children with single parent better in handling and dealing with their emotion whether in relationships or other situation because they experienced themselves at home or learning from their mothers’ or fathers’ experiences. So, children who raised up in single family are said to be emotionally

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