Essay On Single Parenthood

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Our society is affected by single parent households. Some result from divorce, others from out of wedlock, teenage pregnancy or from parent going to the United States. This occurs a lot here in Belize. Single parenthood cause loss of values in children and it make them grow with a wrong behavior and bad attitude. Sometimes single parenthood leads to malnourishment, physically and mentally. Income from just one parent also causes poverty in the family, leaving children without basic needs. Or giving all the materials objects to them because their parent in the U.S. is not justification for the love and values they lose. Children need to grow up having values and who better than their own parents to teach them. Single parent do not…show more content…
Divorce, separation or parent going to the U.S. leaves children living with just the mother or only the father. Living in a single parenthood gets them sad, angry and depressed, giving them a feeling of a great loss. Good values are penetrated in children from the moment they are born up until adulthood. This same culture, their values, beliefs and behaviors is transmitted to other generations called cultural transmission. Children need their parents to raise them together to teach them good values, beliefs, languages, etc.. Hence, good behavior will convert them into good citizens of our country. Children of single parent are bullied and teased that they don’t have a mother or father. This make them grow with low self esteem, feeling themselves less than others. It is possible that children even rebel against their parent and grow hating. The book ‘Sociology’ by John J. Macionis teaches us that from a global perspective, in lower-income nations people place a great deal of importance on physical safety and economic security. They worry about having enough to eat and a safe place to sleep at night and that in those nations they discourage or forbid practices such as divorce. Separation of Parents creates a great impact on the lives and development of a
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