The Harmful Effects Of Single-Sex Schools

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A little girl spends her whole life in a single sex classroom. She goes through all of her sports and secondary education with only the female gender. After many years, she finally graduates and gets a job about a year later. She is shocked to see that she has to work with males. She then realizes that she doesn’t really know how to communicate or interact with them. That is one reason single sex schools cause problems. While many people feel single-sex schools help students with their education, they are actually harming children and stunting their emotional growth.
There are many mixed feelings about single gendered schools and their benefits or harm. Some people feel that single sex schools pose a harmful effect, while others feel that
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In an article written by Susan Black, she mentions a court case discussing the violations of single sex-schools. “ In Garrett v. Board of Education, which challenged all-boys academies in Detroit, a federal district court found that the schools violate the 14th amendment and federal equal-education laws” (Black). The quote mentions one of the many legal cases involving the legal aspect of single sex schools. Not only does research show that single sex schools have no benefit, but that some single sex schools also violate the 14th amendment and equal education…show more content…
Some critics feel that there are advantages to single sex schools, and the students attendance rate. “Boys in single sex classes had better attendance than those in coeducational classes” (Rich). The problem with this statement is the fact that the author didn’t take note of the two schools they were comparing, or where the schools were located. For example, if the schools were located on two completely opposite sides of town, the nicer school is obviously going to have the better attendance rates. Another argument for single sex schools is that boys test scores were generally lower than girls in coed classes. “In march 2010, for example, the center on education policy released a report of 2008 test scores, showing that boys trailed girls in reading in everyone of the more than 40 states where data were available” (Houppert). While this is a valid point, boys would trail girls no matter what the circumstances were. The only difference is the idea that boys in single sex schools would still have the same test scores, just all around the whole board, while girls would have the same test score all around the board. Supporters of single sex schools, also feel that the differences of boys and girls can be beneficial in a single gender setting. “One of the main advantages of a single-sex classroom is that the differences between boys and girls can be exploited

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