Co-Ed Vs Single-Sex Schools Essay

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The Solution to Single-Sex Vs. Co-Ed Classes Does the choice, single-gender vs. coeducation in schools, make a difference? Could one benefit students more than the other? Single-sex education was popular up until the 19th century, where it gradually became unpopular in all schools, minus private and parochial schools. It’s now on the rise again as school directors search for ways to improve academic performance. Many people, teachers, parents, students, have many different opinions on the topic and schools have to decide which one is a better option, leaving the curriculum as it is, or changing over to single-sex. Because coed classes provide students with social skill advantages, and single-gender classes benefit students academically, schools should have single-sex core classes with coed electives and lunch. This method allows students to have the academic benefits of single-sex classes, less distractions from the opposite gender in core classes, and still provide the benefit of social skills from coed…show more content…
Girls and boys learn differently from one another. Different classroom strategies may have different effects on different genders. Competitive lessons may appeal and have more impact towards boys while lessons that incorporate emotion may have more impact or appeal more to girls. Yes, students all learn differently and may benefit more from one than the other, but a majority of students do show improvement in single-gender classes. In fact, a study done over single-sex vs. coed classes showed that 70% of elementary schools showed improvement in math when taking single-sex classes. This suggests that students do have an academic advantage in single-sex classes. With only one gender in the class, lessons can appeal more to that gender without the worry of the opposite gender opposing, or not participating. It also allows students to be more engaged in class, leading to better academic
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