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What Are Sinuses?

Sinuses are air pockets found in the cranial (head) bones and are also referred to as “paranasal sinuses”. They are linked to the nose on the face where air passes and mucus drains.

We have eight sinus cavities in total. They are paired on equal sides of our face, resulting in four pairs of sinus cavities. Each cavity has an opening called an ostium, leading to the nasal passages to exchange for air and mucus. The mucus linings have cells with fine hairs called ciliated epithelium that moves dirty mucus from the sinus cavities down the nasal passages.

Our four pairs of sinus cavities are:

• Ethmoid sinuses. These sinuses are located between the eyes, behind the nose bridge. Everyone is born with ethmoid sinuses and they grow as we grow.
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Good hydration helps to keep mucus thin and loose.
• Inhale steam. Breathe warm, moist air from a steamy shower, a hot bath, or a sink filled with hot water. Or put moist heat using a hot, damp towel over your head.
• Blow your nose gently. Forceful blowing may cause mucus to thicken and flow back into your sinuses, causing congestion.
• Avoid dry environments. Keeping a humidifier by your bedside can help keep nasal passages from drying out.
• Sleep with your head elevated. Mucus forms when your head is lowered.

Myths About Sinuses

There are many misconceptions and myths about sinusitis, and the most common misconception is that sinusitis is a temporary condition. Some people believe that it will disappear on its own while some believe that it is natural condition that disappears as one ages. The most common myth about sinusitis is that antibiotics are the only cure, while some believe that it can never be cured at all.

Here are some myths and facts about sinusitis:

Myth 1: Sinusitis is contagious
Fact 1: Sinusitis is not contagious although you may catch a cold from someone that may cause a sinus infection.

Myth 2: Green or yellow mucus means you have

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