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Site specific art creates a direct relation between the art project in conjunction with the space, to which space is regarded as a point of influence to the artist’s work or even the canvas for the art itself. It creates an environment where audiences have the opportunity to induce intimacy when resonating with the space. This establishes depth in the artwork, which portrays various dimensions in the art. Site specific art is the process of understanding the space, history and form in depth creating an artwork distinctively to the site. Site specific art is “an investigation into a place, any place, as a starting point to explore the situation of being placed, rather than always determined.” (Hughes 2013). Instead of the audience comprehending the artist’s work, site specific art reaches out to the people and place.
Site specific art was initially a confrontation of the traditional art forms, such as paintings and sculpture. It challenged the strict idea and concept of the canvas and the representation of art. Quoted from artist Robert Barry in an interview on his wire installation, “They cannot be moved without being destroyed.” (Barry
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The more dimension it creates, the more impactful and notable it will be for the audience who identify with the art and site. Site specific art allows versatility of the same artwork in different forms at different site. Every minute detail changes the artwork. Site specific art revolves around the many fragments of the past and present. Even by dissecting the site, one will be able to come across residues from years ago, or certain concealed messages and information. Surfacing the tensions, rebellion, the disadvantage, taste, smell, form etc through art. Therefore, as an artist, peeling the layers and breaking through the facade of the site is the most vital for a concrete and substantial site-specific

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