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Sixth Sense technology is a wearable gestural interface that links the physical world around us with digital information and allows us to use our natural hand gestures to communicate with the digital information. Sixth Sense technology bridges the gap between the physical world and the digital world, bringing intangible, digital information out into the tangible world. The information is stored on the web. It’s just born concept which allows user to connect with the internet seamlessly. Without use of keyboard, mouse we can see videos access, change, move data simply. This paper deals with the sixth sense technology in details.

Our ability to sense the surrounding world evolved over millions of years. We generally
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 This device help us to make right decisions,
 It is an open source project.
 The user friendly interface of this device integrates digital information into the physical world and its objects, and bringing the entire world onto your computer.
 This device does not bring any change in human habits but try to provide seamless interaction of computer and other digital machines when human needs.
 To use this device anyone doesn’t need any prior knowledge, not even a basic knowledge of a keyboard or mouse.
 Now, we need not carry any camera when we are going for a holiday. Using this device it is easy to capture photos by using mere fingers.

Limitations of sixth sense technology:
 World doesn’t know whether the system stopped working.
 Projection is better in the night time and dark areas rather than mornings and bright areas.
 As this device is a wearable gestural interface so all the time this device attached with human body. So high waves radiation emitted by this device may cause severe diseases.
 Battery backup is another important issue as this device requires need to be recharged at continuous intervals. That’s why it cannot be used for long period of time without recharging. So, we also need to bear charging

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