Essay On Skeletal Muscle

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Skeletal- Skeletal muscle is a muscle that is usually attached to bone, and is connected by collagen fibers. These fibers are known as tendons. Skeletal muscle is refers to many bundles of cells known as muscle fibers(fascicles). This type of muscle is highly composed of actin and myosin filaments. These filaments are repeated, forming sarcomeres. The sarcomeres are important to the skeletal muscle because they are responsible for the striations that appear on the skeletal muscle. It also forms the necessary parts required for muscle contractions. The connective tissue present in this muscle, as well as all other muscles, are known as fascia. When sed muscle tissue is covered with connective tissues, it forms what is known as an epimysium. The epimysium encloses each muscle fiber(fascicle) in a layer…show more content…
This muscle tissue is also known as myocardium which forms a thick layer between the outer layer of the heart wall(the epicardium) and the inner layer(the endocardium). Myocardium(cardiac muscle tissue) is made of individual heart muscle cells, known as cardiomyocytes which is then bonded together by intercalated disc, and all the cardiomyocytes and intercalated disc are encased in collagen fibers. Unlike skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle requires a form of electrical stimulation to contract and relax. This stimulation allows calcium from the cardiomyocytes to release which causes the cell’s myofilaments to move along one another in excitation contraction coupling. This process of excitation contraction coupling is what allows the electrical stimulation to be turned into a mechanical response, i.e. the heart pumping blood(contraction and relaxing). The primary function of cardiac muscle is being responsible for pumping blood throughout the entire body. Unlike skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle is involuntary in regards to how the muscle moves. It(cardiac) is however, striated like skeletal
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