Narrative Essay On Skim Boarding

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In 8th grade i was introduced to skim boarding. So one day i was hanging out with connor and a couple other people and connor said my skimboard was gonna be here today and then said lets go skimboarding. Well i wasn't very interested in it cause i didn't sound like something that was very fun but oh boy was i wrong.

Connors skimboard came and then they convinced me to go with them, so after a while i figured what the worst that could happen. So we got down to where we went and i watched at first having no intention of trying it. A couple minutes later i decided to try it well like most things at first when u try it you're not very good at it, and that was my case. I kept going to see if i would get any better and for the first 20 minutes, than hour still the same. We left that day i thought to myself when i got home, this is actually pretty fun. So i ordered a skimboard and
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Then came time where we couldnt go skimming because it was to cold so we had to wait awhile. Months passed and then there was the next summer. All i ever wanted to land on a skimboard was be able to do a 3 shuv. I tried for countless hours and couldnt get it and it was really starting to piss me off. By the end of that summer i came so close to landing it but it just didnt happen. So recently this week, Jake Hendricks and I were talking and thinking about how fun skimboarding sounded so we decided to go. We got there the water was freezing my toes were numb but i didnt care i was having fun. So Jake is really good at skimming and did the 3 shuv like it was nothing. Then i thought to my self i can do this. I threw the board and ran jumped on the board and landed my first 3 shuv really clean, which makes it better is the fact that it was on video. So i was really stoked about that and left that day finnaly having the satisfaction of landing it after trying for 1 whole summer
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