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Skin is the largest organ with many functions including protection, preventing dehydration and regulating body temperature. What should we do if our skin are severely damaged? Skin graft is a choice to recover your injured wound. It is a treatment that transplants healthy skin from one part of the patient’s body to another. We call it autograft. The skin will protect the wound and promote recovery. The most common reason is burn. This poster will focus on burnt, skin graft and how people are affected by this scientific advance. Problem: Normally, physicians will recommend a skin graft surgery if the area of skin is damaged to the point where it is too difficult to recover on its own. Some of the common reasons for skin grafts: Burns Bedsores…show more content…
Doctors remove healthy skin from the donor site and transplant it onto the recipient site. The skin graft will connect with the muscle cells underneath and starts to regenerate skin cells. It prevents the wound from dehydration and infection. Split-level thickness and full thickness grafts are the two types of skin grafts: Process of manufacture Patient will be under general anaesthesia Surgeons will sterile the skin and use a tool called dermatome to remove healthy skin from the donor site and transfer it to the recipient site Physician will stable it with staples or stitches and must apply pressure dressing Split-level thickness graft needs around 36 hours for the blood vessels to connect with the graft Full-level thickness graft patients need to hospitalize How does skin graft work? When a wound’s depth is beyond the hypodermics, it will not be able to recover by itself. Skin graft does help by connecting the skin with the blood vessels and muscles below it. The blood vessels allow the skin to have blood supplies, which carries oxygen and nutrients. In this condition, the skin will be able to reproduce more skin cells and regenerate. Skin graft will only work if the blood vessels take up the skin. If it doesn’t, then you need another skin

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