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Skin tags can now be removed using simple methods within no time Every creature on this earth wants to look beautiful and confident. People say that “our skin speaks”. Skin care has become a part of our day to day lives. A single scar or a dark spot on our face or skin would bring down the level of confidence in us. Let it be pimples, unwanted moles, scars, unwanted hair on our skin, skin tags, we would want them to be removed in the most inexpensive and secured way possible. Nowadays skin tags have become quite common along with moles and warts. There is nothing to worry about except for the fact that they spoil our appearance. They do not affect our body or health. There are multiple ways of removing skin tags and approximately every method has been proven to be effective too, be it natural or surgical. Many of us do not opt for the surgical removal since they are expensive despite the fact that they give permanent results. Nevertheless surgical treatment leaves few scars on the body or the affected area. In that case people would rather love to look for a home remedy or an easy method to remove skin tags. Skin tags can appear on any part of the body like eyelids, neck, shoulders, chest region etc. They look like small…show more content…
Most skin tags grow not more than half an inch, are very soft and usually have a pigmentation same as your skin. There have been cases where in skin tags grew to a size of a grape. Removal of such skin tags has to be achieved through surgical methods since simple remedies do not work. For smaller skin tags you can freeze the skin tags using “Compound W Freeze Off” which stops the blood and oxygen supply into the skin tag, the tag becomes dead and then later fall off. Similarly a skin tag is tied off with a dental floss and then the oxygen and blood supply stops to the tag and eventually the skin tag becomes dark and falls off. This process is called

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