The Slam Poetry Analysis

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Name: Muziwoxolo
Surname: Dukwana
Subject: Text Study 1
Student no: 21537995 What is the slam poetry and how it came about?
This is the type of poetry that strikes the emotions of the listener/audience to inspiration. According to A brief guide to poetry slam (2004: 4) “Poetry began as part of an oral tradition, and the beat and Negritude poets were devoted to the spoken and performed aspects of their poems. This interest was reborn through the rise of poetry slams across America; while many poets in academia found fault with the movement, slam was well received among young poets and poets of diverse backgrounds as a democratizing force. This generation of spoken word poetry is often highly politicized, drawing upon racial, economic,
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In the context of the many social and political contradictions in South Africa – the broken promises, rural neglect, the self-enrichment of BEE, etc. – Democracy grows more and more disaffected until he pours petrol on the flag and sets it alight. Khoza is a new, young voice, but the language of the poetry recalls the protest poetry of the 1980s. The causes of disaffection are not attributed to some vague “history” or a legacy of apartheid; instead, the target of such anger and disaffection is the present state, without qualification. Keep an eye on Tumelo Khoza. Another poem of this slam poet is called ‘this young man’, here Tumelo is trying to show that it is not always men who must always make a move but instead, if you are fascinated on to someone, you must speak out. With “This Young Man,” a risqué poem in which she reverses traditional gender roles in the mating game, whenever she performs this poem she used to call a fellow poet onstage, had him sit cross-legged on the floor and address this prospective “lover” with lines that ranged from the romantic to the searingly…show more content…
The title of this poem is metaphorically to support her claim. Van Dyk (2015:5) stated that ‘‘each performer had a template on which to base their own version of a poem’’.

My dreams are alive by: muziwoxolo Dukwana
That intercourse has left me an infection in my mind
And now I cannot resist it,
I cannot fight against it,
It makes me feel like
A pregnant women who feel something that cannot be seen by any
These dreams transmuted my way and collaborated my fantasies
Yes my dreams are alive, one day I will end all this inequality
Please don’t be fanatic with me I am still under construction.
One day I will spread this holly virus, to those who are facing strongholds, oh God help me
To face this Tong Po. I am no giant no alien but with this pen and this paper
Don’t wake me up coz I am still dreaming but this time all day dreaming. Poverty cannot stand a chance, I don’t care if it a cures but it a best thing that I spread my horizons
To pull down all this libernon trees, I can’t help it any more, these multitudes of minorities
Crying for registration fees, yes I made a promise be fore
Spare me your fantasies because my dream are
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