Slaves Influence On American Culture

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Throughout the southern states of America, slaves were forced into unfair and inhumane living conditions. They were made to do hard labor in the fields or in the houses of their masters under the threat of abuse or even death. Nonetheless, slaves managed to create their own culture and lives under this oppressive lifestyle. Many bonded together to achieve some semblance of personal freedom even confined by the numerous restrictions of a prejudiced country. Although slaves were forced into a life they did not ask for they still managed to produce their own culture and make their lives better through religion, music, language, family relations, and even freedom movements. After being brought from Africa many slaves were forced to convert to Christianity by their new masters. Through this process, slaves were able to make the religion their own by incorporating their own culture into it. Their form of Christianity involved voodooism and traditions found in their original polytheistic religions. This religion was deeply important to them, and they took great passion in it; it gave them the hope that one day they could be free (Brinkley 268). Music and language were also cornerstones of the slave culture of the south. Since…show more content…
While restrictions were placed under when a husband and wife could visit each other if they were on neighboring plantations, they often met in secret. Even though their connections were strong within families, it was not uncommon for families to split up due to the slave trade leaving many to become single parents. Even in these new communities, new slaves were accepted into unofficial families so they would not be alone. Although it is true families were difficult to maintain, the relationships slaves made in confinement gave brought them happiness in times of great struggle (Brinkley 170). Families were a much needed support system to get through the everyday life of a

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