African Slave Trade Analysis

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Most of the Europeans countries that have been listed above have a business relationships with the Africans when they are transporting goods or exploiting slaves back then. Also, this can even proves that African have started becoming slaves due to the influence of the business relationships that they had with another countries. The story goes when they started to establish hundred of forts at some specific stations along the Africa's West Coast. Besides that, there are 150 per cent of slaves were been taken as a prisoners to join the tribal war in their kingdom and another 30 per cent of them have to receive some punishment for committing an illegal crime .At the same time, they were kidnapped by the Black Trader and was sent to a costal…show more content…
A type of trade which can make people mind goes wild and out of control especially towards those slaves that they employed and work for them in a certain field or places that they need. It was due to the way of being treated by their prince or kings. So, now let’s see from my point of view and analyze it, I think that most of the slaves will loses their dignity very easily because they were not the same level as the other people in the kingdom. They eventually will easily get hurt and feel offended from the upper class because they will always get to hear immoral words during their period of working. On the other hand, based on the research that I have found on those slaves who have suffers were mainly can make them loses humanity right among genders when they communicate with each other. Next thing, had happened in Paris which the kings asked them to grow cannabis on the piece of land selling their own body by approaching to those wealthy family to do sex. There are approximately 35.8 million of slaves who have turned into a victim because of that negative actions that the kings asked them to…show more content…
Besides that, it helps to know the differences of slavery in how closed that they work with The Africans and types of good that they sold like sugar cane or olives. Every country have their own one way of doing business too which makes it looks pretty interesting. Lastly, these are the few aspects which I have just to let you know more about slaves trade , for example the historical origins, beginning of the trade, the relationship between exploiting slaves and handling goods back then. This is part of the human nature on how they used to civilize themselves during those days when it comes to
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