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The Best Sleep Masks (Eye Masks)
What are Sleep Masks?
Most people do not get enough sleep as recommended every night. Lack of enough sleep seriously affects our physical body health and the general functioning of our brains. This makes us sluggish and therefore interferes with our productivity at work as well as affecting our ability to make decision. Sleep masks, also known as eye masks are fabric made masks that are designed to cover your both eyes to induce a state of total darkness. This offers a natural and affordable way of helping us sleep faster and remain asleep for the recommended amount of time. Sleep masks are designed with comfortable and elastic strap that helping in holding the masks on your head.
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Imak Eye Pillow
Imak Eye Pillow is another quality sleep mask that is designed to help you sleep regardless of the time of the day and mainly in relieving pain. Pros
• Soft and soothing to the touch
• Relieves pain
• Adjustable straps
• Relatively affordable
• Relatively small
• Uneven sewing
• Stiff elastic band that causes hair thinning
3. Bedtime Bliss Contoured Sleep Masks
Bedtime Bliss Contoured Sleep Masks is one of the best contour eye masks as it highly effective in blocking light. Pros
• Made up of soft and quality material
• Does not irritate or cause your skin to sweat
• Has an adjustable strap
• Comes with a free carrying case and ear plugs
• Multiple uses
• Unable to block light through the nose

The 3 Best Sleeping Eye Masks for Side Sleepers
1. Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask
This is a comfortable eye mask is made up of mulberry silk. Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask offers comfort while blocking light for a better sleep. Pros
• Ultra comfortable
• Reliable in blocking light due to its big size
• Relatively affordable
• Available in different

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