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Sleep Mattress What role it plays in the good quality of life An average person spends 7-8 hours, about one third of their lifetime, on a mattress. But only a few people understand how important sleep is. With most of us are under the impression that sleep is just a form of rest to regenerate your energy after a long day of work. In some studies, scientists have discovered that sleep actually plays a very critical role in our life. It improves our metabolism, immune- function, learning, memory and other vital function that our body needs to make us feel ready for another day’s challenge. Sleep deprivation is a kind of torture. True enough, if you lack sleep your brain functions improperly, your brain then sends out message to your entire body…show more content…
Mattress is also your comfort zone, this is the place where great dreams are created and the place you where you cry on after your bad day in school or in your work place. It provides proper support With the softness of and how mattresses are created, it provides proper support that our body needs. Mattress has an ability to maintain spinal alignment by blending your body on the mattress while you sleep. A worth-it investment Investing in a relaxing, supportive and comforting mattress is an investment on good health, as a well rested night provides a great deal towards a healthy and long life. So investing on mattress is investing on how healthy your mental and physical health can be. We now know some mattresses contain toxic chemicals, how it conforms more easily than others to our body and how it regulates body temperature while sleeping. Stress reliever As large numbers of study have already proven, sleeping on a mattress alleviates the signs of stress. Sleeping on mattress provides a well rested sleep thus decreasing factors of stress such as, headaches, worrying, racing thought, irritability, trembling, nervousness, etc. Your body will be free from

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