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Sleep Paralysis
Sleep Paralysis is a common sleep condition that causes people to be physically paralyzed while being mentally awake. Even though the symptoms were diagnosed over 300 years ago it was recently discovered that brain chemicals allow this to happen. While there are many theories over sleep paralysis that are influenced by cultures and religions, the Three Factor-Model is one that is validated by science.
The dictionary defines sleep paralysis as a condition in which, upon waking, a person is aware of the surroundings but is unable to move. (The American Heritage Science Dictionary) When someone has experienced sleep paralysis they not only have the paralysis, they often have other symptoms that come along with it. These symptoms include pressure/sensation, out of body experience and the most common hallucination. A person can experience two types of hallucinations, auditory and physical, which causes the body to go into a paranoia panic.
The history of sleep paralysis can date back over 300 years ago. While many people did not talk about these symptoms, it was said to be just as
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For instance, in Fiji where they believe the hallucinations is a dead relative coming back for unfinished business we can see that the three factor model reestablishes this. The person experiencing sleep paralysis may have fear of the person that has come to them. In that fear state the body has been activated by the amygdala which has the auditory (kania kania) and visual (dead relative) hallucinations. In the Chinese Folklore we can see that the mouse that is stealing the breath is the incubus stage. When the mouse steals the breath of the person they have difficulty breathing. The aligns with the throat relaxing and the impossible ability to control your breathing causing loss of breath. Then followed by the intruder stage when the mouse becomes a

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