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Identifying Sleep Stealers Responsible for Your Sleep Disorders
More and more cases of side effects caused due to skipping sleep are coming to light these days. It is even worse, if you make it an everyday habit to skip your sleep. Recent survey study conducted on 1000 respondents suggests that approximately 25 percent of them sleep for six hours, 22 percent get seven hours of sleep while only 16 percent of them get the recommended eight hours of sleep per night.
Survey carried out by Braun Research on behalf of Pfizer's Advil PM, have questioned 1,000 U.S. adults within the age group of 18 or above on their sleep habits. They were questioned on the effects of not getting enough sleep and also on the major sleep stealers on a daily basis.
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Although you will get a variety of options in that brand to choose from, but go for the one that is not just comforting but also keep you away from any aches in the long run. So make sure you pick the best mattress for yourself.
Recognising Other Sleep Stealers
Youngsters these days have plenty of good reasons to stay awake at night. Some may say they have project submission date nearing while some may say that they have to spend some quality time over phone with their girl-friends. Whatever be the reason, not all "sleep stealers" are genuine reason to play around with health. Below are few major sleep stealers that keeps you awake at night. Psychosomatic Factors Experts says stress as one of the major reason for not getting sleep. When someone is stressed out, automatically he/she don’t get sleep till the issue is resolved. But what people do not understand is that all your problems cannot be resolved while sitting in bed at night, so sleeping is a better option.
Lifestyle Stressors
People follow a lifestyle without even realizing that it may affect their good night’s sleep. For Example drinking alcohol or other beverages that contains caffeine during afternoon or evening, or exercising before bedtime, working late night, or doing intense mentally activities before going to bed can affect your sleep.

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