Essay On Sleepwalking

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3. Sleepwalking (Somnambulism)

Sleepwalking is one of the more dangerous sleep related disorder as you are moving while being totally unaware of your surroundings. It is a difficult disorder to live with since it poses immense danger for the person being treated, as sleepwalkers would not have any idea where they will end up in during the night time. This can also cause psychological effects on the patient as there would be plagued with constant sleep interruptions.

The main symptoms of sleepwalking are walking around while you are out of bed and having no memory of this. Other symptoms include gazing differently, along with being unresponsive when spoken to. Sleepwalkers also tend to talk while they sleep and they are oblivious
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While the affected person has not been cured of sleepwalking, you also need to secure the premises because there are cases where sleepwalkers have been reported to walk out of their home while sleeping. First, be sure that there are no sharp or lethal objects lying aimlessly around your home, especially guns and knives.

It is also vital to keep all the doors and windows locked to avoid leaving the house easily. Moreover, you can put a device that signals exit from the bedroom door. You can try putting a bell on the patient’s door to alert your housemates of your ongoing sleepwalking activities.

There are ways to battle sleepwalking. One of them is hypnosis or you can try sending the patient to a sleep clinic for further sleep study. There are also drugs and medications that can be taken when one is suffering from sleepwalking like Prosom, Klonopin, and Trazodone.

Since sleepwalking can also be attributed to other medical conditions, it is advisable that you see a specialist that can treat the underlying condition. There are also therapies that can be done with your specialist that involves relaxation techniques and mental imagery. You should not be scared of sleepwalkers as this disorder can be treated easily.

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