Essay On Slope Stability

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1.1 General
In the field of geotechnical engineering especially in civil engineering project, slope stability is one of the most important problems either in large or small project like construction of dams, highway construction, urban development in hilly area and all other type of constructions. Developing countries like Malaysia led to high demand on constructions and infrastructural development works. Thus soil slope stabilization problems are very considerably throughout Malaysia. Slope stability is concerned with the analysis of static and dynamic stability of earth slope and landfills, road cuts, excavated slopes, and natural slopes in soil and rock (Abramson and Boyce, 2002).

Slope stability problems or failure happen when human or nature has disrupted the delicate balance of natural soil slopes. Human factor that contribute to slope failure are renovation slope, removal of vegetation and overloading on slope peak. With improper construction practice on natural slope such as widening of roads in hilly terrains, construction of embankments and foundations on soft soils will disturbs natural equilibrium of hill slope and increase the problem of slope instability. For natures factors are related to the type of thickness and material, geomorphology, cut
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To improve the quality of the weak soil they have to deal with weak soil properties when erecting infrastructure (Anderson Richards, 1987). Slope stability problems have been faced throughout history, so in the past study geotechnical engineers have developed ways to improve the qualities of soil to ease in construction such as reinforcing soil with different type of reinforcement methods such as soil nailing, shotcrete, wire mesh, pile plate, geogrids and geosynthetic. Reinforced soil is a technique where tensile elements are placed in soil to improve stability and control
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