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You probably know that many people assume that the reason for their excess weight is a slow metabolism. Is it true that this is indeed the case? And if so, is it possible to increase the speed of your metabolism? First of all, we note that the rate of metabolism is really a direct effect on body weight. But contrary to popular belief, a slow metabolism is rarely a cause of excess weight. Indeed, the metabolism regulates the basic energy needs of your body. However, the main factors that determine your weight, ultimately are the consumption of food, beverages and lifestyle and physical activity. Metabolism - is the process by which the body produces and consumes energy and calories for all types of activity, such as for the assimilation of nutrients the cells and your participation in the marathon. Even at rest, your body…show more content…
While you can not control such factors as your age, gender and genetics, there are other ways to improve your metabolism. Here are the main ways: 10 Ways to Speed Your Metabolism 1. Drink more water Water is involved in all biochemical processes occurring in the body and plays a crucial and important role in the metabolic rate. Tea, coffee and carbonated drinks can’t make the necessary water balance in the body. Drink plenty of clean drinking water without sugar and other additives. Just abandon the tea and coffee at the same time is not necessary. Just reasonably restrict their consumption and use in your diet clean water. Remember two important rules: It is not necessary to drink a lot of water at one time. Drink water regularly but in small portions. Ideally - about 100 ml at a time. Not to forget to do it regularly, put on your desktop a bottle with clean water. Do not drink water during and immediately after a meal. Get a useful habit to drink one glass of water 10 minutes before

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