Essay On Small Groups

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There are many different types of small groups and we all have a different definition of a small group. I am going to talk about my skills level in working in small groups. Then I will talk about my definition about small groups. I am also going to talk about my personal experiences that working in different small groups. At last, depends on my current level of skills working in a small group, I also will write about what am I expect to learn to help me being better in small groups. At first, to be honest, I like working with a small group but I think my skills level is lower than I expect. I think that I have a medium level of skills for working in small groups. There are three reasons that I want to share about why I am a medium level. First…show more content…
We are three people in this group and we have the same goal. Everybody in my family working for make more money to support the family. My parents make more because they already graduated from college and they are full-time workers now. I make less because I am still in college. All in all, we all want to make our family better so we are a small group with the same goal. Then the second group that I joined is my friends group, one of my friend we knew each other from kindergarten. It is because we always play with each other at that time then we became friends. As we grow up, we still hang out together and we also have same hobbies. At the same time, we also met other people who have same hobbies with us then we became a small group. There is also a classmate type small group that I have involved before. Last semester I took an Introduction of Environmental Design class, this is required to work as a small group. In this small group, we are from different countries and we speak different languages. However, we get into the same group because we have the same hobby which is design and we also have the same goal which is done the course perfectly. But when we finished our course, our small group was dismissed. In short, I found the last type of small group that I have involved is different than the other two because my family and friends groups will never
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