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For my smart goal walking and strengthens my body I have tried to achieve it for the last many week. for me, for the first weeks I was active and I organize my schedule to help me to work on it, but after eight weeks my schedule start to change and there are many things goes wrong like I didn’t have time because of midterm exams, and the schedule of my classes changed, in my opinion this things disappoint me to achieve my goal and I feel stressed. I learnt from this thing, it needs patience and the right amount of dedication to get best result and achieve the goal. from my personal experience of behavior, before starting thinking about achieving my goal I didn’t have patience and maybe I would do anything to give me quick results in any goal I wont to achieve it, but now my behavior changed and this would help in my future to understand my patients better and help them to achieve their goals by steps and patience.
For future as health professional including our society’s expectations of health professionals we need to develop our self and encourage our self and our patience to achieve their goals, and take Responsibility in the Delivery of Health Education.
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I was asked to write about my smart goal. From starting putting smart goal until today there is many things happen, putting this smart goal help me to lose my weight and change also my eating habits and now I start putting new and bigger goal. In this plan my family and friend was involved and they help me and they encourage me to do my best and complete it to achieve my goal. First I put a plan and then trying to put in my schedule of studying and going college and take care of my baby, in the beginning it was hard and need more focus and organizing for me to do everything in time. This was in front of the husband and my family, I will intend to focus on the outcomes more of my plan and try to work on it in best

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